We understand servicer’s needs and built the LoanDynamix®

loan servicing software solution to address the concerns that servicers face today.

LoanDynamix is a loan servicing software solution for loan servicers challenged by increasing costs and a changing regulatory environment or new servicers entering the market looking for a system within their budget. Supporting the entire servicing lifecycle, LoanDynamix can scale from a few thousand to over 6-million loans – and is currently used by a top ten servicers as their mortgage loan servicing software of choice. 

By providing servicing capabilities for a wide range of loan types including mortgage, home equity lines of credit, revolving lines of credit, consumer, and timeshares, servicers can move all or one of their products to the platform. Through configurations and settings, a servicer can increase productivity, manage higher loan volumes with existing staff, and handle many different types of products. LoanDynamix can also handle sub-servicing and private label servicing.




  • Assemble, organize, and visualize your KPIs any way you’d like
  •  See your data and use it to make faster, better-informed decisions
  •  Automatically update key metrics to gain insights in real-time reporting


Cash Management / Accounting

  • User-defined business rules that control the application of borrower payments. Pre- and post-petition bankruptcy processing.
  • Support various bank accounts including payment clearing, escrow disbursement, investor remittance and corporate accounts
  • Support for ACH, lock box, electronic and other 3rd party payment systems.
  • General ledger interface


Investor Accounting

  • Tracks and reports requirements for GSE and private investors
  • Automated remittance of collected funds via ACH to the investor
  • Supports actual/actual, schedule/schedule, schedule/actual reconciliation methods
  • Integrated with Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) 

Customer Service

  • Multiple search options for quickly identifying customers accounts.
  • Easy to read screens provide detailed loan information for customer questions.
  • Review prior and enter new comments to track customer contact.
  • Customer Tracking System (CTS) provides your customer service, other personnel with the ability to track and work loan activity online.
  • Business rules associated with contact codes to automatically generate letters and calculate target dates for follow up.


Escrow Management

  •  Interfaces with insurance, tax, PMI and PMI vendors to facilitate exchange of data.
  • Tracks multiple escrow lines for analysis and disbursement.
  • Mass and individual escrow analysis
  •  Interest on escrow calculation and posting by state



  • Client defined delinquency queues.
  • Business rules to automatically generate letters and calculate follow up dates.
  • Promise to pay and forbearance tracking and tracking of key loss mitigation dates.
  • Borrower financials and reason for default.  
  • Pre and post petition bankruptcy dates and balances.

Lines of Consumer/ Credit Servicing

  • Supports multiple types of consumer loans including, HELOC, LOC, signature loans, loans secured by other types of collateral
  • Multiple advance/draw balance types per loan (i.e check, debit card, cash advance, etc.) with separate interest rate and payment calculations based on the balance type
  • Tracks the draw and repayment period for automatic movement between the two periods
  • Draw period extension
  • Advance check ordering in multiple formats
  • Incentive or reward tracking
  • Dispute processing
  • Integrated fully with all other servicing functionality (i.e. default, customer service, escrow, etc.)


Loan Modification

  • Generates needed transactions within the LoanDynamix application to post the modification
  •  Supports client-defined business intelligence rules, with various loan modification plans using corporate and regulatory requirements based on modification type
  • Can potentially reduce delinquency ratios and may generate fee income by providing customers with the tools they need to pay their obligations

Online Borrower Portal 

  • Branded for your company
  • Convenient 24/7 access to account information in real time
  • Allows borrowers to make a payment, obtain payment amount, update account information and send a secure message
  • Client defined parameters and frequently asked question section
  •  Payoff Amounts/Statements are available

SaaS Based System with Data Access

  • Real time processing allows the data and reports to be updated immediately with payment splits, balances & other changes
  • Easily accessible from any browser, with limited hardware requirements and real time processing
  • Offers ability to integrate with third party systems via web service API calls or flat file data transfers
  • Lower cost of IT investment


 Advanced Features & Functionality

  • Easy to use navigation to quickly access various areas of service
  • Configurations & settings increase productivity. Service loans based on your processes
  • Calendar widgets and drop down boxes reduce manual data entry errors
  • Intuitive dashboards that provide insight into data & metrics

Incredible Value 

  • One system for all your servicing needs
  • Standard and Ad-Hoc Reporting included
  • Automatic updates mean you’re always on the latest version
  • Easy integration for vendors or other internal systems
  • Real time processing for accurate up to date information on your portfolio


Solid Performance

  • Scale loan volume quickly with no need to plan for hardware upgrades. Current largest client is running 2 million active accounts and we have stress tested the system at IBM LABS for up to 6 million active accounts
  • Access all modules as part of the core LoanDynamix®  product

Compliance Focus

  • A dedicated team monitors all agencies (FHA, VA, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and more) for compliance related issues and requirements and works with the Product team to ensure all ISGN® software is updated regularly to maintain timely compliance
  • The revised functionality is then tested to ensure it meets the guidelines and new norms for regulatory compliance.

Integrated Solution

  • Direct integration between LoanDynamix® and Tempo®
  • Provides clients with a single view of the borrower and loan thereby reducing data integrity issues

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