Gators®, ISGN’s web-based settlement services and vendor management system is the only full service system in the industry – driving efficiency into every aspect of your workflow.

Gators effectively manages the entire process, from order entry and status through product fulfillment, while enabling quick, and efficient communications without paper or phone calls.




  • E-mailing or texting automated follow-ups simplifies order chasing
  • Online portal increases user satisfaction by providing clients & vendors with 24/7 real-time order requests & update capabilities
  • Integrations with all significant LOS platforms and third-party servicing systems ensures immediate transaction communications

Optimized Process

  • Effective tracking of actions throughout the order processing
  • Quickly and easily add and track additional products throughout the loan lifecycle
  • Dynamic, seamless and configurable client-driven workflow and automation cover the entire settlement services and vendor management process, reducing manual tasks and time to close
  • Simplistic batch ordering

Vendor Management

  • Intelligent Vendor Management tool allows users to rank, prioritize and monitor vendors
  • Product, client, and geography-specific, vendor engagement forms permit detailed order expectations
  • Auto-populates vendor and client specific contact information into each order
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Risk Management

  • Automation eliminates the risk associated with manual tracking
  • Role-based security meets audit requirements and allows for centralized and decentralized processing and controls
  • Complete picture of all tasks and documents to reduce errors and track all required information
  • Offers wide range of accounting capabilities which integrate easily with your accounting platform

Customer Service

  • Real-time, historic and custom reporting provide immediate data access for client inquiries
  • Workflow task management ensures effective accounting of actions throughout order processing for quick client communication

Document Management

  • Product, client and geography-specific vendor engagement forms permit detailed order expectations
  • Robust automated document management and storage capabilities streamline your process in a paperless environment




  • Programmed product specific rule checks that significantly decrease QA time
  • Full QA rejection reason and documentation
  • ACI rule checks automatically run document compliance checks
  • AVM & BPO generation



  • Closing Disclosure management & creation
  • Full disbursement, check creation, & printing
  • Automated & specific Closing Disclosure fee population
  • Seamless lender requirements verification
  • TRID Compliant Docs


Info Products

  • Ad Hoc or workflow-driven management of miscellaneous products and vendors
  • Seamlessly incorporate into client & product specific workflows


 Property Reports

  • Integrated website permits vendors to review & type orders online
  • Full Curative tracking
  • Module easily converted to a full title commitment
  • Reports generated by client, product or geographic zone



  • Automated recording fee population via Ernst
  • Comprehensive check administration
  • E-Recording automation & tracking via integration


Title Commitments

  • Accurate and underwriter-specific premium calculations
  • Comprehensive deed, mortgage, exception management, and tracking
  • All inclusive document management ability
  • Automated underwriter remittance calculation


Compliance Management

  • Vendor license tracking & automated license renewal notifications
  • Client branded vendor portal allows 24 hour vendor accessibility & portfolio updates
  • Automated appraisal rejection reason population & rejection documentation management
  • Dedicated ISGN quality team to monitor product compliance
  • Role based user limit employee access to sensitive data

Insights and Analytics

  • Powerful ad-hoc reporting tools to access powerful metrics
  • Role-based configurations of workflow hub present granular or wide-reaching snapshots of order data
  • Enable client’s to be better informed

All in One Transaction Management

  • Streamlines ordering of settlement products and services.
  • Vendor Management ranks vendors and monitor performance
  • Workflow Management automates processes and equalizes workloads with task and queue-based workflow

Integrated Solution

  • Automated Programming Interface (API) is utilized to build integrations that sit above the application layer
  • No need to wait for a release for integration changes as the API sits above the application layer.
  • Quick integration implementation timeframes

 Scalability to Safeguard Business Fluctuations

  • Gators allows quick & easy modifications of workflows, user roles, and client requirements
  • The robust configuration supports endless user/client logins to add or consolidate real-time business needs.

 Cost Savings

  • Short implementation with minimal training necessary to drive faster ROI
  • Vendor ranking allows you to choose the most efficient and effective vendors
  • Scalable technology which support fast onboarding of personal as business grows
  • Eliminate redundant and time-consuming data entry with internally managed document templates
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RynohLive was created by a settlement agent, for settlement agents, attorneys, underwriters and lenders. Engineered from the ground up for your protection, and every feature designed, with the title industry’s unique needs in mind. RynohLive is a patented, web-based, “bridge application” that has revolutionized escrow account management practices. RynohLive integrates with the agent’s escrow accounting software and their online banking (read-only) to provide the industry’s premiere escrow and financial security software solution. We offer continuous end-to-end account auditing, daily reconciliation, transaction monitoring, anti-fraud algorithms, and built-in automated reporting. For more information about RynohLive, please visit


Corporation Service Company®

Corporation Service Company® (CSC®) was the first to the market with a web-based, electronic document recording (eRecording) solution. The solution allows document submitters, like title companies, banks, and law firms, to e-Record real estate documents with county offices throughout the U.S.; this brings the gap between submitters and county offices, enabling more natural document creation for submitters and faster recordation, indexing, and acknowledgment for recorders. Find out how CSC can improve the way you work; visit

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“The task system within Gators has helped me to equalize the workflow among employees. It allows me to see which employees are overburdened. I can allocate tasks to those less burdened and, therefore, ensure all orders are processed in a consistent and timely fashion.”

D. O’Brien Operations Manager